WHAT TO BUY – Week of May 2nd – 7th

Welcome to the “What To Buy” series on MakeMoneySellingTickets.com! If this is your 1st time reading these posts, I’ll talk about some shows that are on sale this week, and my thoughts as to why they might be profitable.  As always, use your own judgement before making an individual decision about whether to buy or not!

I’m going to be brief this week with the few targets I have this week.

1. Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan has a tour date going on sale at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX and I like the pricing that Ticketmaster has shown early.  With premium seats only going for $125 (before fees), I think there could be some room for profit in different parts of the venue.

Citi Presale (WED) — 412800

Dustin Lynch Presale (WED) — DLMINDREADER

Ticketmaster Presales (THURS) — **TBA

Public On-sale (FRI)

2. Paul McCartney

Well… re-posting this item this week:

McCartney has a show at Fenway Park that will be going on sale later in the week.  As I’ve mentioned here before – MLB ballpark pricing for concerts is something that can be taken advantage of, and overall I think demand for this show could be pretty high.

My main concern would be the possibility of added shows and/or the broker competition for main events.

Public On-sale takes place on Friday.

3. Blink-182


As mentioned last week, Blink-182 did announce a major US tour, which was well-received online.  It’s been a few years since they’ve toured, although they’re now without former front-man Tom Delonge.

This is really a tricky one in my opinion.  These venues are really really big for a band like Blink-182 with mostly pavilion dates with some arenas thrown in.  I think the arenas could be a target depending on how pricing structure breaks down as far as being able to get some front row type pulls from different venues.

Overall, my best advice is to try and watch how sales are going… look into taking a risk if you think you’ve got a hot market or a reserved seating structure where you can pull some nice quality seats.

Citi Presale (Happening Now) – 412800

TM only displays “Live Nation Mobile App” presale for THURS right now, I’d bet the generic TM password will work when released

Public On-sale (FRI)

That’ll do it for my quick recap this week — good luck to you!

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