WHAT TO BUY — Week of March 28th – April 2nd

Hi everyone! Before I start this week, I want to recap a few purchases I made recently — namely Luke Bryan & Pirates’ Opening Day.

When I bought Pirates’ Opening Day tickets, I actually pulled off on the side of the road so that I could use my phone to make a purchase.  I was a little panicked and just bought the 4 cheapest “seats” (In Sect. 333) that I could as I knew the clock was ticking on any tickets being available at all.

That came back to bite me slightly over the past week or so, as I was trying to sell them at market price but consistently got low-ball offers, seriously for 2 weeks.  The prices started inching down – and with cold weather in the forecast, I was forced to sell for $75 each when the market had been at $90-100 for a few weeks.

That’s okay, and it represents about a $120 win for me on the set — but it might’ve been a little better if I had been able to pay a few bucks more and get nicer seats.  While my “general” philosophy is “Go Cheap or Go NICE”, it helps to have an awareness of the different price levels and what might be desirable in different venues.  That being said, we’re going to get into a delicious opportunity regarding this exact topic this week w/ Luke Bryan’s Wrigley Field show.

Using that as a segway — Luke Bryan was one of my targets last week in Pittsburgh (Burgettstown) and delivered w/ a show that sold out (Lawns) in 5 hours or so. Tickets are hovering around $60 on the marketplace, but I’d expect that to go up in the near future.  Regardless, you’re already in a “can’t lose” position if you bought lawns in that 5-hour time period.

Anyway, on to the targets!

1. Luke Bryan

Today, we’re starting with a picture.

Luke Bryan Wrigley Field

I wish this was a live format so I could quiz you on what’s important about that picture — but instead I’m just going to have you take a second, look at the image – and think to yourself why I’d be featuring this image as the lead in our targets this week…. what makes it important?



Got it?

If you answered “There’s a really small Purple area as compared to the Blue/Red areas, and the Purple area has a really big price difference too”  You’re our winner!

These are the things you want to find as a ticket broker — Low levels of inventory at advantageous prices. This could be almost any act in the world, and I’d be interested in buying in that Purple area at $39 compared to $100 or $125.

Important Note: Luke Bryan tickets for Wrigley will be on sale at Cubs.com/LukeBryan, not Ticketmaster

He’s also got a few dates elsewhere going on sale (Cuyahoga Falls, Saratoga Springs).  I’m lukewarm on buying Lawns for Friday Night at Cuyahoga, but I think that has potential compared to the Thursday date.

Important Note #2: It doesn’t look like the Cubs are offering any presales — this concert will go on sale to the public on Friday April 1st.

Anytime I don’t list presale passwords for a certain show, you have 2 options:

  1. Please yell at me…. I should be doing better than that.
  2. Head over to TicketCrusader.com.  I’m actually not a fan of their site as they’re kind of scummy about sending people to their affiliate, but they do have very good presale password listings.

Ticketmaster Presales:

Wed. March 30th — CitiCard Presale: 412800

ALSO: Dustin Lynch Presale: ??

Thurs. March 31st — Live Nation Presales: HITMAKER or COVERT

Fri. Apr. 1st — Public Onsale

2. Tom Petty

Tom Petty (Actually, his band Mudcrutch) would’ve been an awesome target with small venues, however his tickets are the dreaded “Will Call Only”.  If you live near a box office that he’s coming to, maybe it’s worth it to try and grab a couple — but I wouldn’t advise a crazy trip or anything.  Maybe I’m mis-reading it and it’ll be huge, but a lack of broker competition always scares me.

It’s possible that tickets WILL be available in a “Print-At-Home” method.  If so, I wouldn’t mind a purchase of the cheapest tickets here.

Anyway, check out the dates by searching “Mudcrutch” on TM if you’re interested in any way.

3. Adam Sandler

I’m a little bit torn on whether this is a good purchase or not.  Adam Sandler is playing 7 dates in May with David Spade, Nick Swardson, and Rob Schneider.

I love that the dates are back-to-back for the most part, and that with 4 main guys on the bill, I don’t think that leaves them time to add a 2nd showing in any of the cities on the same night.

You have to love the markets though, especially when combining the price range of the cheapest tickets & venue capacity in Brooklyn, San Fran, & Boston.

Personally, I like the idea…. but I don’t have any kind of historical data or anything like that to back it up – so do your research and consider this a “heads-up flier” on some interesting comedy shows.

Artist Presale: March 30th – ??

Live Nation Presales: March 31st — HITMAKER or COVERT

Public On-sale: April 1st


That’s it for today — did you like the summary at the beginning, or is that just me babbling too much about my own experience?  Need your feedback (comment below works fine) to make these posts as tailored to what you want as I can possibly provide.  Thanks for reading everyone!

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