WHAT TO BUY – Week of April 25th – April 30th

Welcome to the “What To Buy” series on MakeMoneySellingTickets.com! If this is your 1st time reading these posts, I’ll talk about some shows that are on sale this week, and my thoughts as to why they might be profitable.  As always, use your own judgement before making an individual decision about whether to buy or not!

1. Drake

Drake made a quick announcement of the “Summer Sixteen” tour after a Ticketmaster event page leaked an early concert date.  Drake is touring with fellow rapper Future, and there’s a lot of things going on here that we should take notice of:

  1. This tour is taking place in arenas  — smaller venues than Drake has played in the past when he went on Pavilion tours
  2. Hip-hop re-sale prices are notoriously hard to predict
  3. Certain cities he’s playing 1 show, others he’s playing 2.  (As seen in picture below)

Drake Tour Dates

Okay… so here’s what we know.  Obviously, cities like Toronto, LA, NY, CHI, Houston are bigger markets for Drake.  They’re bigger cities, more hip-hop listeners.. etc.  But they have 2 shows, which increases the supply available.

I’m still a little undecided on this one – it’s going to be hard to say if a single show on a Saturday in Columbus will end up being better than the 2 in his hometown Toronto “back-to-back”.

Personally, with some slots on the schedule for added shows (both in bigger cities and smaller ones)  – I’m a fan of anything FRI/SAT first in the big cities (HOU Sept 3, NYC Aug 5, LA Sept. 9) .  I’m making an exception for Toronto shows, I think he’s just too big there.  Personally, because my business is in Pittsburgh and it’s in my best interest to have inventory in my own city, I’ll be buying for the Consol in what I consider a strong market.

What I probably won’t be buying is any high-priced tickets.  With floors and the best lowers coming in at $150, and certain VIP packages selling from anywhere from $220-1,000 – I think that the available inventory is watered down and there’s not a ton of room for mark-up.  I do prefer the cheap seats here on this one… which is kind of scary because I think a $60 face value tag is also a lot as far as mark-up goes, but hopefully the album goes well and the draw is there.

Consumer Guide here – to be used for pre-sale times / codes, etc.  (Link specific to Pittsburgh but should apply nationwide) – www.ticketvictory.com/drake-ticket-buying-guide

2. Paul McCartney

McCartney has a show at Fenway Park that will be going on sale later in the week.  As I’ve mentioned here before – MLB ballpark pricing for concerts is something that can be taken advantage of.

My main concern would be the possibility of added shows and/or the broker competition for main events.

*** EDIT: This concert will be going on sale next week — whoops!

3. Blink-182

I’m seeing rumors that All-American Rejects, A Day to Remember, and All Time Low are touring with Blink.

If that’s true — I think this is going to be a pretty big draw for a lot of people.

4. Tegan and Sara

This is a bigger question mark than most of the targets I post here… I’m not sold that they have the power to sell out a venue, but playing some smaller indoor venues leave some big-city target possibilities, in my opinion. Another cautious target.

While we’re on the subject of caution….

I personally attended the Kenny Chesney concert held this Saturday…  I bought tickets directly from Ticketmaster, never had them on a re-sale platform, never did anything aside from order them and send them straight to my printer.

When I went to the gate: “Sorry sir, your ticket has already been scanned.”  This only happened to 1 of my 2 tickets, and I was able to go to the box office and insist that no one had been inside with my ticket.

They checked my ID at the Box Office and let me in after a few minutes — no word on if I had purchased the tickets from someone else if there would have been problems getting in, and no word on why this actually happened. (One explanation — “Yeah that happens sometime”).

I only tell the story to emphasize caution when selling to other people:

Look, this is rare. I’ve bought thousands of tickets and this is only the 2nd problem I’ve had with a scan (this incident & one where a customer used a poor printer) … but it should be noted that as you make sales you are taking on the liability of something like this happening.

If a customer’s ticket doesn’t scan — you can expect that they are going to be coming back directly to you…. and you can bet it’ll be fast.  You should make sure customers have a channel to reach you at if something would happen to go wrong, and you should be able to always either go back to TM and show that you provided valid tickets – OR be able to get YOUR money back if this is an instance that you bought through a broker website or somewhere like Stubhub.

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