WHAT TO BUY – Week of April 18th – April 23rd

Welcome to the “What To Buy” series on MakeMoneySellingTickets.com! If this is your 1st time reading these posts, I’ll talk about some shows that are on sale this week, and my thoughts as to why they might be profitable.  As always, use your own judgement before making an individual decision about whether to buy, or not!

1. Florida-Georgia Line

Florida-Georgia Line goes on sale for Pittsburgh this week with lawns being my preferred target, although I think certain Pavilion seats could see value as well depending on how the price structure breaks down.

Note: They’re also on sale for the Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls with the same general “information”.

All info for the show is posted at my “consumer site” here:

Florida-Georgia Line Ticket Buying Guide (Aug. 27th) – First Niagara Pavilion

2. Jason Aldean & Kid Rock

While normally I might be tempted to stay away from a stadium show – I think that with Kid Rock added and solid support act Thomas Rhett on board could make for a solid show.

We’ve seen a lot of pricing structures in MLB stadiums that could be “exploited” lately… meaning a small sampling of an underpriced section.  I’ll be waiting to see when prices come out what that looks like at Fenway — I think this could be a very nice target.

Citi Card Presale starts WED at 10:00 AM

There may be a general pre-sale on Thursday, but tickets go on sale to the public on Friday at 10 AM.

Tickets can be found through Ticketmaster Search or at RedSox.com/JasonAldean

EDIT: I do like the $49 price range (Only a few sections) or obviously any really nice Floor Seats you could get.

3. Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan has a few shows on sale in the Charlotte and Raleigh area — I like the Saturday show in Raleigh best of all.  While I’m a little bit wary of buying shows in the state of NC with all the “controversy” going on there, I still like the Saturday show as a target since it was added to the slate.

Your standard passwords should apply here —

Citi Card WED,


Public on-sale on FRI … All at 10 AM

4. Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton has a few sales going up today — his demand was really strong when he toured last, but with the main target being back-to-back shows in OKC, I kind of question whether he’s got enough demand for 2 nights.

That being said, I wouldn’t mind a buy for Saturday’s shows… possibly some other dates including the Hartford, CT one could be of interest.
That’s what I’m looking at for this week — thanks for reading!

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