You need to check off 5 things to successfully start your own business and make money by buying and selling event tickets through my teachings:

1. You’ll need at least $100-$150 that you can spend on inventory.

(If you’ve got more to spend — excellent.)  As I say multiple times in the book — NEVER “play” with money that you can’t afford to lose. Tickets can take time to sell. Do NOT do this with your rent money.

2. You need to be available when tickets go on-sale (Generally 10:00 AM local time)

For most shows that you want to be buying for, the tickets that you’re trying to buy will be gone within minutes, if not seconds.  You need to be available and be ready to buy on Tuesdays-Fridays at 10 AM in your time zone. (Not EVERY day, just when events go on sale)

3. Legality

The resale of tickets is legal in Pennsylvania where I do business — you should check into the laws in your area before committing to the industry.  Doing a quick Google search for “Ticket resale laws” will give you the information that you need!

4. Willingness to Learn

When you buy this guide, you’re getting into business for yourself.  Some of the greatest and most recognizable names in the U.S. are people who started their own business with hustle just like this.

More importantly, you become a part of the Make Money Selling Tickets Mastermind Group, which I intend to be one of the greatest resources you could ever have access to. You’ll get the chance to learn personally from me — to call me on the phone if you’d like, and discuss specific situations in the ticket industry.

5. Willing to Take Action

All of the other “qualities” on this list go to waste if you’re “just curious” or if you’re just buying “to see what this is all about”.  If that’s the case — don’t buy my book.  Email me at, set up a phone call with me, and find out if you should buy or not.

I want to work with serious people who want to make money with a strategy that is proven to work, and if you can check off each of these 5 bullet points with a “Yes!”, then I’m confident that this product will work for you.

– Brian

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