How Can Someone Start Buying and Selling Tickets?

Before we start, take a second to check out the Requirements page here on the site.

Regardless of whether or not you buy the Textbook package here at, the Requirements to becoming a Ticket Broker are roughly the same for everyone.

Once you’re satisfied that you meet those requirements — it’s time to get started!

Money Talks

To get started in the Ticket industry, 99% of the time, you’ve got to bring an investment to the table.

You don’t want this to be money that you’ll need in any way — if you think you might need it for rent, food, utilities, or anything along those lines.. DON’T INVEST.

Work some extra hours at your job, mow a few lawns, do what it takes to build some extra income — but don’t play with money that you need. This is a risk-based industry, and I’d never want someone to risk their livelihood on a ticket purchase.

Once you’ve got money, you’re on to Step #2.

Find an Event

This is way harder than it sounds! You cannot just pick your favorite band, decide to buy 2 tickets to their show, and pray that the value goes up.

If you’re buying the Textbook package here on the site, you’ll have access to the Mastermind Group which will be your biggest resource in finding great events that will have high demand.

You want to use a combination of prior knowledge, experience, and things like social media buzz to determine what events will be popular — guessing will leave you with more losses than wins.

Learn Ticketmaster

For some of you reading this, you already know how the giant Ticketing website functions — and that’s great.  If you don’t know your in’s and your out’s, you could easily end up making mistakes. Some mistakes (like buying Paperless tickets) could even cost you the entire price of your purchase!

Have Realistic Expectations

This is the section that might crush some dreams, but hopefully will resonate with you as well.

Becoming a ticket broker isn’t a “get-rich” scheme. Even your best transactions will be capped at somewhere around 200-300% return.  Obviously, that’d be an amazing return, but you just can’t get rich in 5 days from this system.

To succeed in this industry, you really do need to become an expert on what you’re dealing with. The good news is that this is more like a fun game than learning a skill for your job or a college classroom… and it doesn’t have to be very time-intensive.

Starting out with $100 will be a lot different than starting out with $10,000 to spend.  At first, you may be limited as far as how much inventory you can buy — but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

You’re more likely to make mistakes early on in the process, especially if you try to go it alone. However, as you make mistakes and learn from them, you’ll steadily be increasing how much you can put into your inventory purchases, which in turn will mean that your profits will grow as you do!

I’d love to know your questions about joining the industry! Is there something that I missed? Leave a comment below!

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