What is this website?

This website is where I’m making my knowledge and skills available to you so that you can become a “ticket broker” (This would be considering “starting your own business” and working in the format of a sole proprietorship) and begin to make money by buying and selling tickets online

Will it work for me?

Yes! If you do the work.  This product has a 60-day Money Back guarantee, and if you’re willing to learn what the Textbook can teach you – and you commit to discussing potential purchases in the Mastermind group, I’m willing to give you my personal guarantee that you will learn the skills necessary to make money buying and selling tickets.

Are there risks involved?

Yes! This is a risk-based business.  However, in the world of buying and selling tickets — the wins can be big and the losses tend to stay small. There’s a chance you could lose some money, and there’s a small chance you’ll lose in your first transaction. If you commit to the business and really learn what I’m teaching, you’ll be a success!

How much will I make?

As you might have guessed, it’s pretty hard to predict what someone can make when they start their own business. You should check out my personal case study here that shows the results I’ve had over 3 years to see an example of real results.  Your profits will depend on how much money you can put into this business, and how well your inventory “performs” in the market.

What do I need to get started?

You’ll want to check out the “Requirements” page.  If you don’t match the 3 bullet points on that page, I may still have a way to get you started making money.  Shoot me an email at Brian@ticketvictory.com if you have a question on this topic.

Is this a way to make money without working?

You will need to do work to research events to be able to make knowledgeable predictions about which shows will sell out. You’ll also need to be able to answer emails as they come in… There is work to be done, but the money you make from tickets can generally be a semi-passive income stream.

I’m wondering whether it’s worth it to pay $9.97.  Is this right for me?

If you’re completely ready to take action once you learn the skills you need, then you’re ready to buy this e-book!

However, for others — you may be on the fence.

I’m open to working with everyone who wants to learn… and that includes some free partnership options as well. If you don’t want to go the “traditional route”; Email me at Brian@ticketvictory.com to learn more about other ways you can get involved!

Is this legit?

Absolutely legit.

I’m ready to teach some people to make money the same way I have over the past 3 years. There’s not much “fluff” and this isn’t a product being pushed by Clickbank affiliates for a quick buck. I’m in the trenches — living this stuff each and every day!  It’s not an understatement to say I literally love the ticket industry, and I’ll be right there beside you (And with you in the Mastermind Group) if you need anything.  If you’re ready to get started, head on over to the “Shop” page and take the first step towards creating another income stream in your life!

– Brian

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