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WHAT TO BUY – Week of May 2nd – 7th

Welcome to the “What To Buy” series on! If this is your 1st time reading these posts, I’ll talk about some shows that are on sale this week, and my thoughts as to why they might be profitable.  As always, use your own judgement before making an individual decision about whether to buy or not!

I’m going to be brief this week with the few targets I have this week.

1. Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan has a tour date going on sale at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX and I like the pricing that Ticketmaster has shown early.  With premium seats only going for $125 (before fees), I think there could be some room for profit in different parts of the venue.

Citi Presale (WED) — 412800

Dustin Lynch Presale (WED) — DLMINDREADER

Ticketmaster Presales (THURS) — **TBA

Public On-sale (FRI)

2. Paul McCartney

Well… re-posting this item this week:

McCartney has a show at Fenway Park that will be going on sale later in the week.  As I’ve mentioned here before – MLB ballpark pricing for concerts is something that can be taken advantage of, and overall I think demand for this show could be pretty high.

My main concern would be the possibility of added shows and/or the broker competition for main events.

Public On-sale takes place on Friday.

3. Blink-182


As mentioned last week, Blink-182 did announce a major US tour, which was well-received online.  It’s been a few years since they’ve toured, although they’re now without former front-man Tom Delonge.

This is really a tricky one in my opinion.  These venues are really really big for a band like Blink-182 with mostly pavilion dates with some arenas thrown in.  I think the arenas could be a target depending on how pricing structure breaks down as far as being able to get some front row type pulls from different venues.

Overall, my best advice is to try and watch how sales are going… look into taking a risk if you think you’ve got a hot market or a reserved seating structure where you can pull some nice quality seats.

Citi Presale (Happening Now) – 412800

TM only displays “Live Nation Mobile App” presale for THURS right now, I’d bet the generic TM password will work when released

Public On-sale (FRI)

That’ll do it for my quick recap this week — good luck to you!

WHAT TO BUY – Week of April 25th – April 30th

Welcome to the “What To Buy” series on! If this is your 1st time reading these posts, I’ll talk about some shows that are on sale this week, and my thoughts as to why they might be profitable.  As always, use your own judgement before making an individual decision about whether to buy or not!

1. Drake

Drake made a quick announcement of the “Summer Sixteen” tour after a Ticketmaster event page leaked an early concert date.  Drake is touring with fellow rapper Future, and there’s a lot of things going on here that we should take notice of:

  1. This tour is taking place in arenas  — smaller venues than Drake has played in the past when he went on Pavilion tours
  2. Hip-hop re-sale prices are notoriously hard to predict
  3. Certain cities he’s playing 1 show, others he’s playing 2.  (As seen in picture below)

Drake Tour Dates

Okay… so here’s what we know.  Obviously, cities like Toronto, LA, NY, CHI, Houston are bigger markets for Drake.  They’re bigger cities, more hip-hop listeners.. etc.  But they have 2 shows, which increases the supply available.

I’m still a little undecided on this one – it’s going to be hard to say if a single show on a Saturday in Columbus will end up being better than the 2 in his hometown Toronto “back-to-back”.

Personally, with some slots on the schedule for added shows (both in bigger cities and smaller ones)  – I’m a fan of anything FRI/SAT first in the big cities (HOU Sept 3, NYC Aug 5, LA Sept. 9) .  I’m making an exception for Toronto shows, I think he’s just too big there.  Personally, because my business is in Pittsburgh and it’s in my best interest to have inventory in my own city, I’ll be buying for the Consol in what I consider a strong market.

What I probably won’t be buying is any high-priced tickets.  With floors and the best lowers coming in at $150, and certain VIP packages selling from anywhere from $220-1,000 – I think that the available inventory is watered down and there’s not a ton of room for mark-up.  I do prefer the cheap seats here on this one… which is kind of scary because I think a $60 face value tag is also a lot as far as mark-up goes, but hopefully the album goes well and the draw is there.

Consumer Guide here – to be used for pre-sale times / codes, etc.  (Link specific to Pittsburgh but should apply nationwide) –

2. Paul McCartney

McCartney has a show at Fenway Park that will be going on sale later in the week.  As I’ve mentioned here before – MLB ballpark pricing for concerts is something that can be taken advantage of.

My main concern would be the possibility of added shows and/or the broker competition for main events.

*** EDIT: This concert will be going on sale next week — whoops!

3. Blink-182

I’m seeing rumors that All-American Rejects, A Day to Remember, and All Time Low are touring with Blink.

If that’s true — I think this is going to be a pretty big draw for a lot of people.

4. Tegan and Sara

This is a bigger question mark than most of the targets I post here… I’m not sold that they have the power to sell out a venue, but playing some smaller indoor venues leave some big-city target possibilities, in my opinion. Another cautious target.

While we’re on the subject of caution….

I personally attended the Kenny Chesney concert held this Saturday…  I bought tickets directly from Ticketmaster, never had them on a re-sale platform, never did anything aside from order them and send them straight to my printer.

When I went to the gate: “Sorry sir, your ticket has already been scanned.”  This only happened to 1 of my 2 tickets, and I was able to go to the box office and insist that no one had been inside with my ticket.

They checked my ID at the Box Office and let me in after a few minutes — no word on if I had purchased the tickets from someone else if there would have been problems getting in, and no word on why this actually happened. (One explanation — “Yeah that happens sometime”).

I only tell the story to emphasize caution when selling to other people:

Look, this is rare. I’ve bought thousands of tickets and this is only the 2nd problem I’ve had with a scan (this incident & one where a customer used a poor printer) … but it should be noted that as you make sales you are taking on the liability of something like this happening.

If a customer’s ticket doesn’t scan — you can expect that they are going to be coming back directly to you…. and you can bet it’ll be fast.  You should make sure customers have a channel to reach you at if something would happen to go wrong, and you should be able to always either go back to TM and show that you provided valid tickets – OR be able to get YOUR money back if this is an instance that you bought through a broker website or somewhere like Stubhub.

WHAT TO BUY – Week of April 18th – April 23rd

Welcome to the “What To Buy” series on! If this is your 1st time reading these posts, I’ll talk about some shows that are on sale this week, and my thoughts as to why they might be profitable.  As always, use your own judgement before making an individual decision about whether to buy, or not!

1. Florida-Georgia Line

Florida-Georgia Line goes on sale for Pittsburgh this week with lawns being my preferred target, although I think certain Pavilion seats could see value as well depending on how the price structure breaks down.

Note: They’re also on sale for the Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls with the same general “information”.

All info for the show is posted at my “consumer site” here:

Florida-Georgia Line Ticket Buying Guide (Aug. 27th) – First Niagara Pavilion

2. Jason Aldean & Kid Rock

While normally I might be tempted to stay away from a stadium show – I think that with Kid Rock added and solid support act Thomas Rhett on board could make for a solid show.

We’ve seen a lot of pricing structures in MLB stadiums that could be “exploited” lately… meaning a small sampling of an underpriced section.  I’ll be waiting to see when prices come out what that looks like at Fenway — I think this could be a very nice target.

Citi Card Presale starts WED at 10:00 AM

There may be a general pre-sale on Thursday, but tickets go on sale to the public on Friday at 10 AM.

Tickets can be found through Ticketmaster Search or at

EDIT: I do like the $49 price range (Only a few sections) or obviously any really nice Floor Seats you could get.

3. Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan has a few shows on sale in the Charlotte and Raleigh area — I like the Saturday show in Raleigh best of all.  While I’m a little bit wary of buying shows in the state of NC with all the “controversy” going on there, I still like the Saturday show as a target since it was added to the slate.

Your standard passwords should apply here —

Citi Card WED,


Public on-sale on FRI … All at 10 AM

4. Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton has a few sales going up today — his demand was really strong when he toured last, but with the main target being back-to-back shows in OKC, I kind of question whether he’s got enough demand for 2 nights.

That being said, I wouldn’t mind a buy for Saturday’s shows… possibly some other dates including the Hartford, CT one could be of interest.
That’s what I’m looking at for this week — thanks for reading!

WHAT TO BUY — Week of April 11th – 16th

It’s early on in the week.. so consider this a post that will be updated as I go along this week.

1. Coldplay

I love the arena announcements that Coldplay made recently, and I think these will be a profitable venture.

With a bottom level price range of $28 in Pittsburgh before fees, I think there’s plenty of room for profit inside the small venues they’re playing.

**** After seeing price ranges — it looks like the next highest is $75 before fees and then $125 before fees.  I could be under-estimating Coldplay here, but those prices don’t seem to leave a ton of room for profit, and that being said I love the $28 seats as a buy if you can somehow get your hands on them!

There’s some other locations as well but Pittsburgh will be my focus for the week.

These will be onsale through Ticketmaster:

Citi Card Presale (412800) — Mon. April 11th 10 AM

Live Nation App Presale — THURS April 14th 10 AM

Public On-sale — FRI April 15th 10 AM

More coming soon as I get more info for the week………

WHAT TO BUY — Week of March 28th – April 2nd

Hi everyone! Before I start this week, I want to recap a few purchases I made recently — namely Luke Bryan & Pirates’ Opening Day.

When I bought Pirates’ Opening Day tickets, I actually pulled off on the side of the road so that I could use my phone to make a purchase.  I was a little panicked and just bought the 4 cheapest “seats” (In Sect. 333) that I could as I knew the clock was ticking on any tickets being available at all.

That came back to bite me slightly over the past week or so, as I was trying to sell them at market price but consistently got low-ball offers, seriously for 2 weeks.  The prices started inching down – and with cold weather in the forecast, I was forced to sell for $75 each when the market had been at $90-100 for a few weeks.

That’s okay, and it represents about a $120 win for me on the set — but it might’ve been a little better if I had been able to pay a few bucks more and get nicer seats.  While my “general” philosophy is “Go Cheap or Go NICE”, it helps to have an awareness of the different price levels and what might be desirable in different venues.  That being said, we’re going to get into a delicious opportunity regarding this exact topic this week w/ Luke Bryan’s Wrigley Field show.

Using that as a segway — Luke Bryan was one of my targets last week in Pittsburgh (Burgettstown) and delivered w/ a show that sold out (Lawns) in 5 hours or so. Tickets are hovering around $60 on the marketplace, but I’d expect that to go up in the near future.  Regardless, you’re already in a “can’t lose” position if you bought lawns in that 5-hour time period.

Anyway, on to the targets!

1. Luke Bryan

Today, we’re starting with a picture.

Luke Bryan Wrigley Field

I wish this was a live format so I could quiz you on what’s important about that picture — but instead I’m just going to have you take a second, look at the image – and think to yourself why I’d be featuring this image as the lead in our targets this week…. what makes it important?



Got it?

If you answered “There’s a really small Purple area as compared to the Blue/Red areas, and the Purple area has a really big price difference too”  You’re our winner!

These are the things you want to find as a ticket broker — Low levels of inventory at advantageous prices. This could be almost any act in the world, and I’d be interested in buying in that Purple area at $39 compared to $100 or $125.

Important Note: Luke Bryan tickets for Wrigley will be on sale at, not Ticketmaster

He’s also got a few dates elsewhere going on sale (Cuyahoga Falls, Saratoga Springs).  I’m lukewarm on buying Lawns for Friday Night at Cuyahoga, but I think that has potential compared to the Thursday date.

Important Note #2: It doesn’t look like the Cubs are offering any presales — this concert will go on sale to the public on Friday April 1st.

Anytime I don’t list presale passwords for a certain show, you have 2 options:

  1. Please yell at me…. I should be doing better than that.
  2. Head over to  I’m actually not a fan of their site as they’re kind of scummy about sending people to their affiliate, but they do have very good presale password listings.

Ticketmaster Presales:

Wed. March 30th — CitiCard Presale: 412800

ALSO: Dustin Lynch Presale: ??

Thurs. March 31st — Live Nation Presales: HITMAKER or COVERT

Fri. Apr. 1st — Public Onsale

2. Tom Petty

Tom Petty (Actually, his band Mudcrutch) would’ve been an awesome target with small venues, however his tickets are the dreaded “Will Call Only”.  If you live near a box office that he’s coming to, maybe it’s worth it to try and grab a couple — but I wouldn’t advise a crazy trip or anything.  Maybe I’m mis-reading it and it’ll be huge, but a lack of broker competition always scares me.

It’s possible that tickets WILL be available in a “Print-At-Home” method.  If so, I wouldn’t mind a purchase of the cheapest tickets here.

Anyway, check out the dates by searching “Mudcrutch” on TM if you’re interested in any way.

3. Adam Sandler

I’m a little bit torn on whether this is a good purchase or not.  Adam Sandler is playing 7 dates in May with David Spade, Nick Swardson, and Rob Schneider.

I love that the dates are back-to-back for the most part, and that with 4 main guys on the bill, I don’t think that leaves them time to add a 2nd showing in any of the cities on the same night.

You have to love the markets though, especially when combining the price range of the cheapest tickets & venue capacity in Brooklyn, San Fran, & Boston.

Personally, I like the idea…. but I don’t have any kind of historical data or anything like that to back it up – so do your research and consider this a “heads-up flier” on some interesting comedy shows.

Artist Presale: March 30th – ??

Live Nation Presales: March 31st — HITMAKER or COVERT

Public On-sale: April 1st


That’s it for today — did you like the summary at the beginning, or is that just me babbling too much about my own experience?  Need your feedback (comment below works fine) to make these posts as tailored to what you want as I can possibly provide.  Thanks for reading everyone!

What to Buy Week of March 21st – 26th

Alright, getting back to some solid targets this week.

1. Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan unleashes 2 shows at First Niagara Pavilion (A Friday & Saturday show)

I think the Saturday show will be an excellent target for lawn seats as it has the past 3-4 years here in Pittsburgh.  I’ll be targeting as many lawns as I can get for that show at roughly $43 each. Last year, Lawns sold out for Friday on a “slow” basis.

Premium seating could also be profitable – but it’ll be hard to get anything good enough to sell after “Season Tickets” are already snatched up.

Sales start on Ticketmaster today (3/23) – passwords and info can actually be found through my “consumer” site here:

Luke Bryan Ticket Guide

Luke is also coming to Cincinnati on a Sat/Sun tour date combo – I like the Saturday date, but I also like the Pittsburgh market a little bit more.  Either way.

2. “Buc Night”

Some changes have been made to the Annual “Buc Night” promotion that the Pittsburgh Pirates hold.

This year, they’re making you buy tickets to a Friday Night game to “unlock” the Buc Night deal of 4 tickets for $1 each on April 5th.

To do a little bit of math, you’d have to buy 2 tickets to a game on any of my recommended dates (6/10, 6/24, 7/8, 7/22, 8/5, 8/19).  Those are the “Free Shirt Fridays” in the midst of Summer that will sell well.

The cheapest ticket option for this game would be “Upper Bleacher Reserved” which isn’t a bad deal at $26 or $23 each – however tickets for the “Buc Night” game are already selling for as low as $7 different places online.

In the end, (Best case scenario) you’re just getting a $20 coupon for one of those Summer Friday games – which isn’t a bad deal, but it might be better suited if you can “pre-sell” the Buc Night game, and then hold on to those Summer tickets and hope for a sell out to drive prices up.

**I’d actually prefer to try and wait this out a few days (It expires Sunday) to see if the Pirates will offer up better sections (100 level) as a part of this promotion… that would help the value out a lot.

Any way you slice it, this is a slim margin deal – but it could work if done the right way.

Search “Pirates Buc Night” on Google to find the deal & details

3. Florida-Georgia Line

I’ll keep this one quick because I don’t have a whole lot to say – Florida-Georgia Line has some tour dates in the Carolinas that are going on sale shortly.

I think that FGL has the potential to be a decent lawn buy, and if you were to buy lawns around $40-45 I certainly don’t think you’d be set up for a big loss anytime soon.

That’s it for me for this week — Talk to you soon!

WHAT TO BUY — Week of February 21-27, 2016

Before I start with this week’s “targets”, I want to go over a little recap of last week’s targets.

  • Pirates Opening DayThis was a QUICK sell-out, I was only able to get 4 in the Upper Level (I missed Friday’s chance) but bought for $172 and tickets are already worth around $400..  These are the types of buys you want to be in on.
  • BeyonceI also was in on Beyonce tickets in both Philly and Pittsburgh over the past week — I think there are some HUGE red flags here, even in places like Philadelphia where the concert sold out.  There are Stubhub event listings for some of these shows that have 10,000 (!!) tickets listed for a single event.The market for Beyonce tickets is most likely going to be dropping fast where tickets haven’t sold out yet… this is the one situation where a ticket might not hold its face value, when brokers collectively “over-buy”.   I don’t think you’re completed screwed if you’re holding a set, but email me at

Hopefully we can analyze situations like this in the future together and try to figure out what’s really moving and what’s just broker sales… Definitely a risk of the business.  On to some more targets this week!

1. Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney goes on sale for 3 Pavilion shows this week, and I love this as a buy because of the venue size — especially if you can get your hands on Lawn tickets valued at $31 plus fees.  ($40-45ish total?) I’ll probably be trying to buy those first but would settle for Pavilion seats if I had to.

I prefer the show in Cleveland (Cuyahoga Falls) even though it’s on a Thursday, and these are all May shows but I do think they have a big potential since he’s used to playing in stadiums while these venues hold 20,000-25,000 people.  The lawn seats have too big of a 2x potential to pass up.

Ticket prices sit at $72 right now on Stubhub (Yes, that’s a bit of “Before the Sale inflation”, but it also recognizes the price that people are selling their Megatickets at) and obviously that could push up a bit IF there is a sell out, as I believe.

Presales Info:

Citi Card Presale: Wed. Feb 24th – 10 AM  (Password: 412800 ** Need Citi Card to use)

Live Nation App Presale: Thurs. Feb 25th – 10 AM

Public On-Sale: Fri. Feb 26th – 10 AM

2. “Ticket to Rock”

This is essentially the “Rock Megaticket”, it includes 3 shows at various venues (including First Niagara Pavilion – for me personally in Pittsburgh).

It includes tickets to the following 3 concerts at what Live Nation is calling “$50 plus fees”.   (Total)

– Disturbed & Breaking Benjamin
– Slipknot with Marilyn Manson
– Korn & Rob Zombie

Right now, individual prices for these concerts are probably around $30 plus fees… if we estimate that to be around $120 and the total for the package to be at $70, there could be some potential here.

This is a smaller kind of win and you’ll have to watch your profit margins if things like Groupon deals or other discounts take place — but in general if you can save around $15-20 per show, I think it’d make a lot of sense.

You could use these packages to “pre-sell”, meaning put an ad up for an individual concert, and as long as you have 1 buyer at let’s say “$5 off Face Value”, then you’d know that you’re well ahead on your Package buy.

3. Luke Bryan

After seeing the “Citi Card” sales today, I’m adding 2 new targets to the list.  I think Scranton, PA and the Saturday show at Jiffy Lube Live will be profitable for Luke Bryan’s tour.

To be clear, I’m targeting Lawn tickets here to be the most profitable — Pavilion seats may or may not have value based on pricing and location.

APP Presale Thursday, Public On-sale Thursday.

This will be repeated through the Summer, but pretty much any Luke Bryan “Saturday” show, I’ll want to be in on and will pretty much think it’s profitable across the board.

Before we get to #4, A Quick “Time-Out”

Okay, things are gonna get a bit “weird” here.

One of the things I promised myself this year is that I’d pay closer attention to venues like the Benedum Center in Pittsburgh and the Palace Theatre in Greensburg, PA.

Some background info.  These are “small” venues — 1,500-2,500 seats.  But they get some decent performers from time to time.  Last week Jerry Seinfeld put 2 shows on for sale and I passed on buying $75 tickets (or including them here) because I didn’t think there was a profit margin.

Just because his show sold out, doesn’t mean there’s profit of course (See: Beyonce), but I think I might’ve missed

The challenge with these types of venues is being able to actually make a profitable sale to someone who wants to see one of these niche acts (Read: Old OR not that well-known) bad enough that they pay a premium for what you have.

However, case in point — the freaking B-52’s are coming to the Greensburg PA venue (Link) and they’ve almost sold out. I can’t name a B-52, nor can I name a song other than “Rock Lobster” but hey the venue’s almost gone.  Does that make the B-52’s a good buy?  Not necessarily, if you can’t move the actual ticket (smaller market to sell to) for a profit, none of this matters.  So, buyer beware here and this is something we’ll watch moving forward. Anyway…

4. “Weird Al” Yankovic

All that being said, “Weird Al” made an announcement bringing his tour to a whopping 84 cities this year. A lot of this is going to depend on venue size, broker involvement, and plain old demand to see Weird Al who isn’t exactly a “new” act or one that will have the masses lined up to see him.  It’s a popular name at a small venue though and I think that his lowest price of $39.50 plus fees could leave some room for profit.

Am I confident in guaranteeing that’ll happen?  Not really — but use this information as you will.

WHAT TO BUY — Week of February 15-20, 2016

One of my all-time favorite targets is here this week — as well as some other nice targets as well!

1. Pirates’ Opening Day

One of the most reliable sell-outs on the yearly calendar — MANY Opening Day’s are good, but as you know by now, I’m in Pittsburgh and I absolutely love Pirates’ Opening Day.

This year, the Opening Day game is on a Sunday (usually on a weekday) AND against a strong opponent (St. Louis Cardinals).

Prices are higher than they normally would be for a Pirates home game, but there will be PLENTY of profit margin space here. I think pretty much any seat in the park where you can find 2 together will be profitable… I prefer cheaper seats and obviously full view if possible.

Pre-sales SHOULD start Mon. the 15th or Tues. the 16th…. Stay tuned as I get that info.

2. Beyonce

Another round of venues start their presales for Beyonce on Monday the 15th (The first round of venues start their public sales on the 16th)

Link for Pittsburgh show info (passwords included)

That’s designed for the “consumer”, however should work for your needs as well.

3. Dave Matthews Band

Still working on this one…. not sure if this is completely going to be a sell out or how demand will be for this.

Public on-sale is the only thing listed on Feb. 19th, I think demand could be high in cities where there’s only one show.  Feel free to check back for more info

4. Megatickets

I keep saying it (Refer to earlier posts if you need info), but get those Megatickets while you can!!

That’s it for this week — hopefully you get in on some of those Pirates tickets for Opening Day!

As always, if you have any questions feel free to email

WHAT TO BUY — Week of February 8-13, 2016

This week’s info will be ALL Ticketmaster shows — meaning these are tickets you’d buy, hoping for a sell out so that you could raise prices at a later date.

1. Country Megatickets

This first post IS a repeat from last week — make sure to get in on Megatickets if you haven’t yet, it’s great for experience and for a reliable buy.

There are various Country Megatickets for sale across the country right now.  In my particular area, I am betting that 2 will definitely be profitable (Pittsburgh & Cleveland).  The Megatickets have a LONG record of being profitable at around 15-20%, and I don’t expect this year to change very much.

You would want to sell the “High-demand shows” after the individual sales sell out, and sell the “Low-demand” ones basically whenever you could.

Tickets range in price – Pittsburgh’s package is $317 each on Tickemaster.

2. Beyonce

Beyonce is coming off a HUGE Super Bowl performance, and is a big draw in the industry right now.  Today started a round of presales where I couldn’t even pull the cheapest price range ticket in Philadelphia.  Ideally, that’s what you’d be buying, but Club Level seats and maybe even “nice” Upper Level tickets could be profitable here.

App pre-sales for Philadelphia start on Friday the 12th, with public on-sale listed as the 16th.  Check the venue’s event page close to you to find your exact details.

I think it’ll be harder to get a set of 2-4 tickets than it will be to sell them for profit

3. Lumineers

The Lumineers have announced a very limited world tour and tickets have been moving fast in the pre-sale.

The following dates have had their “Lumineers pre-sale” alloment sold out: Houston, Dallas, San Diego, Morrison CO, Kansas City, Indianapolis.

I definitely like Indianapolis with the small theater set-up and the Saturday date in June, although all of these are showing strong demand.

Live Nation presale (Code: AWARDS) starts on Feb 11th at 10 AM and Public on-sale starts on Feb. 12th.

 4. XFest

Xfest presale (Strictly speaking for the Pittsburgh area right now) has sold out quickly.  This is a concert that includes Weezer and Panic at the Disco, and while the ticket price is high – the returns should be there.

This event is only going to be available from here out through the Public sale on the 11th at 10 AM

5. Jimmy Buffet

Same kind of event as Dead & Company really — except that Buffet has a fair track record of being profitable.

Again, you wouldn’t be risking too much if you bought Lawns here, but you’re probably not a huge winner buying this – and again I wouldn’t necessarily guarantee mass sell-outs by any means.

On sale in Pittsburgh is listed as Friday Feb 12th at 12 PM.

WHAT TO BUY — Week of February 1-5, 2016

Every week I’ll be bringing you posts about what’s on sale, or 1 strategy you can use to make money buying and selling tickets.  I do NOT guarantee a “win rate” of 100%.  These are just what I will be basing my personal decisions on.  If you have a question based on your personal situation – leave a comment below the post!

This report is for February 1st – 5th, 2016.

1. Country Megatickets

There are various Country Megatickets for sale across the country right now.  In my particular area, I am betting that 2 will definitely be profitable (Pittsburgh & Cleveland).  The Megatickets have a LONG record of being profitable at around 15-20%, and I don’t expect this year to change very much.

You would want to sell the “High-demand shows” after the individual sales sell out, and sell the “Low-demand” ones basically whenever you could.

Tickets range in price – Pittsburgh’s package is $317 each on Tickemaster.

2. Halsey

Again, using Pittsburgh for reference… Halsey comes to Stage AE on August 9th.  She’s big on radio, she’s playing some other shows (Madison Square Garden & San Diego) which are as big or bigger and they have sold well.

The Stage AE Twitter account has been promoting that tickets are moving “FAST”, and they generally don’t lie too much about that sort of thing.  I’d expect this show to sell out soon, and if it does you could be in for some very nice profits.

Tickets are roughly $50 each after fees on Ticketmaster.

3. TMN241 “Pre-Sell” Method

Steps to use this method:

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll to the bottom where it says “Share the Love”
  3. Click the link to see concerts eligible for the deals w/ the code: “TMN241”
  4. Pick events or concerts in your area that you feel would be at least somewhat popular.
  5. “Split the Difference” between face value and your new “TMN241 price”.So if Ticketmaster face value is $33 after fees and your cost is $18, sell for $25 each.You can advertise on Facebook and / or Craigslist before even buying tickets from Ticketmaster — just be sure to stay vigilant and make sure you know tickets are STILL available on Ticketmaster as you’re completing a sale.

Selling 4 tickets this way would net an estimated profit of $25.  You could move into “nicer” sections to make even more of a profit.

4. Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen brings his tour to a few new tour dates going on sale Friday and Saturday morning. I’ll probably be targeting State College and Columbus.

His previous dates on this tour have done really well — you can see proof of that on Ticketmaster.

I like any tickets in the $58 + fees (Only full view) range for this from TM, although you’ll certainly have to be fast.

5. Walk the Moon (?)

I’m going to be trying to watch pre-sales to see if demand for Walk the Moon is high… The “Fan Presale” didn’t sell out today, but this is a big band and it’s quite possible this could sell out.  Stay posted – I’ll edit this if I have a better guess.

6. Pitt Football Season Tickets

Penn State is coming to Heinz Field for the first time in forever, and demand for these tickets with the schools being so close to each other is going to be VERY high.   Tickets start at $147, making for a nice buy.

There are pre-sale links out there… email me at if  you need the info on how to buy these.

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