10 Secrets That Allow Ticket Brokers To Make Big Money!

Here’s a look into 10 secrets that let successful Ticket Brokers make a big profit!

1. Ticketmaster Bots

Unfortunately, some brokers resort to using bots. This is fraud, this is illegal, and unfortunately there is a strong belief that it occurs frequently in the industry.

If you’re on this site, please do not expect any promotion of this type of behavior, and do not expect to partake in it either.

2. Tickets Sold “Before” Release are a Scam!

Another unfortunate tactic by brokers to take advantage of the public — many brokers will list tickets at 2-3x Face Value before the tickets go on sale…. meaning that it’s also before these brokers own any tickets. They’re simply “short selling”, although none of them advertise that. These brokers are just looking for a sucker and hoping to fill their orders once seats go on sale

3. American Express & Citi Cards = Profit

These two credit card brands have deals with Ticketmaster and can frequently give brokers access to premium seats and special pre-sales that those without these certain cards will miss out on.

Every advantage helps when it comes to pulling tickets for the huge show that’s coming to town, and good brokers use AmEx and Citi cards to their advantage!

4. How To “Work the Clock”

Good brokers will know how to use different browsers, computers, and even smartphones to cycle through different ticket selections.

For example, they might start out searching for 4 tickets on their PC browser.  Once they get 4 tickets in their shopping cart, they can turn their attention to the Ticketmaster app on their phone and try for 4 tickets there. Rinse and repeat with multiple computers, iPads, or whatever they may have available to them at their office.

Once brokers have their selections up, it’s easy to pick and choose which seats they want and which ones they don’t!

5. Brokers Practice!

It takes time and effort to get good at techniques like the one above.  It seems like a basic idea, but when you have 4 timers counting down at once, things can get stresssful.

Brokers get practice pulling tickets from Ticketmaster each time they buy, so it’s no wonder that they have a certain knack for being quick on the keyboards!

6. Cheap Seats Can Be “Better” Than Nice Ones… Sometimes!

By better, I mean “more profitable”.

If a broker can sell a $50 ticket for $200, they’ll take that every day over a $200 ticket that they can sell for $275.

Not only does this kind of thinking help them turn a better profit, but if they buy cheaper tickets, they can invest in a higher quantity — again, leading to higher profit!

Other times, the plain & simple “First Row” seats are the best options.  It’s a variable business.

7. Good Brokers Know About “Surprise” Tour Dates

“Surprise” Tour Dates are extra shows added after a complete Tour Announcement is made — and these “Surprises” can kill your profits.

Successful brokers know to check the performer’s schedule to see if there’s a lot of “empty days” in their schedule. If so, they know that “Surprise” dates can easily be added to an artist’s tour.

8. The Stubhub “Coincidence”

When looking at tickets for a show that isn’t sold out, a funny coincidence begins to take place between Stubhub and Ticketmaster.

Stubhub’s prices will be consistently hovering in a range that is above face value. This is because brokers are posting on Stubhub knowing that there are suckers out there who don’t check prices and simply buy from one site.

Many times for the broker, this will also be a “short sale” situation as well. To thwart these efforts, make sure you always check Ticketmaster and Stubhub to compare prices.

9. Networking is Important

Although no one wants to hear this tip that sounds like it came from a generic Business School professor, networking is important in the Ticket Industry. Brokers can network with venue salespeople to get season ticket packages or consistent offers from a venue.  They should also network with their regular buyers so that they know exactly what the buyer is looking for — sometimes before the buyer even knows a show has been announced!

10. Day of Show Releases

Even for sold out shows, there are many instances when a venue gets more room than they thought they would due to how a stage is set-up, and they are able to release more seats to that sold out show.

This generally happens anywhere from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on the day of the show, but I’ve also seen it happen up to 2-3 weeks out from the event date. Brokers regularly buy these tickets (sometimes located in Premium sections) and can make a quick buck, as long as they watch the “Expiration Date” on the ticket closely.

Alright! There’s 10 secrets that Brokers use regularly to gain an advantage on the “average consumer”. Which number surprised you the most?  Let me know below!!

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