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My name’s Brian Plowcha, and I believe that you have the opportunity to change your life with the information presented here at MakeMoneySellingTickets.com! I’ve has success in the ticket industry, and I’m ready to help you learn how to become a ticket broker!


The primary purpose of this website is to inform people about the ticketing industry, and to help them realize that there is great way to make money online through event tickets!

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If you want to see what I’ve got to offer — I’ve got some great articles that I want to highlight for you right here including:

My Personal Case Study: How I Made $12,622 in My First 3 Years by Selling Tickets!

Find out more about how I’ve been able to make a profit over the past 3 years — with plenty of examples, stories, and tales from the trenches of the Ticket Industry.  Link: here

10 Secrets That Allow Ticket Brokers to Make Big Money!

Ever wonder how some Brokers are able to make a full-time living through Event Tickets?  Find out 10 secrets that they know and the average consumer doesn’t — Give yourself a score at the end to see how many “facts” you knew! Link: here

How To Become a Ticket Broker: What Can Someone Do To Get Started Buying and Selling Tickets?

The quick hits of how individuals can get started in the Ticket industry. Somewhat similar to my “Requirements” page, this goes a half-step farther and shows you how someone could get started without my guidance. Link: here

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IMG_6582My name is Brian Plowcha, and I'm the person behind "MakeMoneySellingTickets.com".

I'm a recent college grad who has changed my own life by the profits made by buying and selling event tickets for a profit.

I'd love to help you take that first step to changing your life today!